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We are specialized in the following areas. As a total solutions provider, Gulf Fire Vision LLC offers all types of Fire Protection, Fire Detection & Emergency Lighting system to a wide range of market sectors such as Residential, Commercial, Aviation, Telecommunications, Transportation, Industrial & Power & Water We have the ability to provide the right solutions to meet the fire & security risks and hazards of the businesses of our customers. This is why Gulf Fire Vision has been chosen to protect many iconic projects in the UAE. We help make organizations safer, safeguarding businesses as well as protecting life and properties.

Fire Detection & Alarm Solutions

Gulf Fire Vision’s Detection and Alarm Solutions cover a broad spectrum of applications, keeping thousands of people across the Gulf Sates safe everyday, allowing them to live and work with the certainty that they are protected.

Emergency Lighting solutions.

Gulf Fire Vision provided all kind of Emergency lighting solutions. Planning and design, Positioning, Permanent installation and Periodic testing / maintenance of the emergency lighting luminaries (wall / ceiling mounted lights and signs) are very important. We provided self contained, monitoring type & central battery type emergency lights depend on the project specifications.


From a traditional Sprinkler and Hose Reel Systems to advanced Deluge, Waterspray and Water Mist Systems, Gulf Fire Vision has the right solutions for today’s modern fire risks. We at Gulfire vision use reputed brands.